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sunday 1st of june
Gravant el documental sobre The Missing Leech amb Plans Films.
POP IN, Paris.  Oliver Peel ©
Mad’zelle a l’Apolo Store, Barcelona.
Cròniques del concert a l’Anònims de Granollers i a l’Apolo Store. Per l’Oriol S.

Who is who, am I me or am I this reflection/ Harm and charm, but these songs don’t beat my sleepless nights/ So long pain, so long love I won’t miss you/ what you ask, what you aim I can’t give you/ Please be calm, as we said time will tell if it’s crazy / Guards are up, angels won’t fly so high, they won’t bring us / oh what do you want, what do you need, what are you looking for / Pain is just pain is just pain is just pain / Pain is just pain, ignore it and it’ll go away / What if now all I do was a clue to your own mystery, from now on all I do was a clue to your own misery

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17/12 Pop In, Paris (+ June & December) FR

20/12 Chez Ta Mère, Toulouse (+ This Silly Thing) FR

22/12 La Gramola, Manresa CAT

23/12 Galeria Mitte Barcelona CAT

27/12 Anònims, Granollers CAT

28/12 Apolo Store, Barcelona CAT

29/12 C. Avenir Fanalenc, Platja d’Aro (+ Flor Braier) CAT

04/01 Context Llibreria Cafè, Girona CAT

05/01 Secret show, Figueres CAT

06/01 La Jazz Cava, Vic CAT

09/01 Arci Camalli, Imperia IT

10/01 Giardini Luzzati, Genova (+ To Hide Away) IT

11/01 Salumeria del Rock, Scandiano IT

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